Kushboo Blue Film

Kushboo Blue Film

What Is Blue Ray? - Read On Before Deciding To Upgrade

A lot of people are currently very confused as to which format to go for, HD-DVD or Blue Ray, as the current format war continues. Generally members of the public do not know what strengths, weaknesses and unique selling points there are for each. To understand what blue ray is and be better informed as to your choice you need to know what technology actually makes it work, the film studios that are endorsing the format and some over points which we will cover later on. An upgrade could be an expensive wrong move if you do not go into it with your eyes open.

Blue Laser or Red Laser? - That Is The Question

If somebody stopped you in the street and asked "What is Blue ray?" would you be able to answer them? Probably not. The answer to the question actually lies within the question. Generally it is not possible to define a difference between a Blue ray disc and a DVD disc as the look the same, are the same size and shape.Blue ray is called Blue ray because of the fact that it uses a blue (violet) laser to read and record data of all kinds including the likes of video and audio. Smaller and finer technological processes are used which pushes up the initial costs associated with Blue Ray compared to DVD's. We will however see the costs come down quite rapidly over the years to come as the process becomes more common and the technology easier to produce.

Comparison Example Of What Blue Ray Is

Compare it to a standard DVD as you would compare a calculator to a pc. Both of these can perform all sorts of mathematical equations and much but the pc can perform many times faster than a calculator can as it is infinitely more powerful. Using that example with Blue ray, a DVD and a Blue ray disc can perform the same type of operation but Blue ray is capable of outperforming a DVD, doing a much better job in playing better audio and video.

What Movies Can You Watch

Whilst educating yourself on exactly what Blue ray is, it should be borne in mind what films you will be able to purchase in your chosen format. Some of the popular films you can buy are only available on HD-DVD, whilst alot of the others can be obtained on Blue ray. As at January 2008, if you use a Blue ray player you won't be able to watch the 2007 box office hit Transformers. On the other hand the latest Bond sensation, Casino Royale, will only be available on Blue ray (that said, all of the movies are still released on standard DVD, these comparisons are for next generation video format). You can of course obtain a hybrid player which will obviously play both Blue Ray and HD-DVD but film releases are tending to favor one format or the other.

In conclusion you should at least now have a better understanding of what Blue ray is to enable you to make a more informed decision when you ultimately decide which format to upgrade to.

Kushboo Hollywood News
Kushboo:Still under the arc lights
Ex-queen of the marquee, she was the first heroine in Tamil to get a Superstar status. Her fans even built a temple for her. After marriage and motherhood, Kushboo continues to take the `light, camera, action' calls with the same zeal. Now she is acting and producing a daily mega serial Kalki and hosting a TV game show Jackpot, both for Jaya TV. She has also recently acted in a Tamil film Power of Woman as heroine opposite Hariharan (playback singer) and Riaz Khan. The film is about an Indian girl’s sufferings abroad after her marriage to an NRI. The film was directed by Jayadevi a feminist woman director. Apart from her on screen presence, her openness enables her to instantly connect with people Kushboo looking back at the career and her landmark films feels that her acting skills should be credited to directors and making friends was not a conscious effort. “ I owe it to my directors. Their instructions and advice are mantras that work magic for me. And I do nothing special to establish a rapport with people around me. People say I talk a mile a minute. In stark contrast, my husband Sundar is a man of few words. He sometimes jokes, `With you around where is the scope for me to get a word in?'” Talking about her early salad days Kushboo says “Sheer grit and loads of luck. Bollywood was the stepping-stone. I must have been just 13 and had entered into a showbiz contract with Boney Kapoor. He made sure I learnt classical dances and went swimming regularly (remember the hit number "Bol baby bol rock n roll" with Javed Jaffrey in "Meri Jung"?). Sadly enough, all my films bombed at the box-office. I think I was destined to head southwards. So I packed my bags to try my luck in Telugu and Kannada films. To my utter delight my debut flicks in both the languages turned out to be a hit. The take off in Tamil wasn't really smooth. It took me almost five years to hit big time with "Chinna Thambi." Fame also meant a grueling schedule. With four shoots a day I virtually slept in the car.” Being a star and that too a woman one would think Kushboo would have missed out the life of a young girl since she came to films in her teens. “ The only thing I missed was schooling. But as a girl and a woman I never missed out on anything. I would even go to buy vegetables and groceries, shop for my clothes, eat out and watch movies. In fact, when not shooting, one big gang of family and friends loaded with chips and other munchies would head straight to the theatre. It was great fun. Unlike a star-mom, amma hated me throwing tantrums. She would hardly accompany me to shoots or functions. Even today, she does not bother to take the car, but hops into an auto and goes about her work. I think my family has helped me remain level-headed” Kushboo is very much at home without her superstardom . Reasons Kushboo “ I was hardly obsessed with stardom. After marriage, it mattered much less. Working for television meant balancing home and career comfortably. Like most working women I now work only till 6 p.m. and take off on Sundays. Aren't we all superwomen — handling home, work and thinking about others before taking decisions ?” Kushboo and hubby Sundar also a director of hit films Ullathe Allitha and Anbe Sivam the Kamalhassan starrer along with their two daughters make a happy family. Recalling her days when she was in love with Sundar Kushboo says “Quite stressful indeed. Wonder what we go through to achieve something in our lives. Sundar and I courted each other for six years before we tied the knot. It was difficult for Sundar to get his family to come around. We waited long enough.” Finally, Sundar decided we would go ahead. Sundar has been supportive both on the professional and personal front.” At home when she is free she experiments with recipes. “Thank God, my daughters think I am a great cook. I too love experimenting with recipes, which usually turn out to be like remix numbers. I do diet because basically I have a laid back attitude and so I am not an exercise freak. Anyway, Kollywood never preferred thin heroines so I have survived without shedding weight.”says Kushboo. Recently she was invited to deliver a lecture at a conference of medical students in USA. She talked about her managing her career and marriage. She was delighted. “ Lecturing to group of people who are well educated was a very warm experience since I am a school dropout” As a producer she is happy because her first film Giri( Arjun- Reeema Sen- Ramya) is a hit. “Happy yes but my job was only signing cheques. Sundar took care of everything” commented Kushboo.